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Aug 26 2016

Progressive Web App Dev Summit – Feedback

What is it ?

The 20 and 21 of June, I had the chance to attend the Progressive Web App (PWA) Dev Summit in Amsterdam. Formerly known as the Chrome Dev Summit, this event was (very well) organized by Google, but was not a Google products event as all browser vendors were present to give a talk (engineers from Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Samsung Internet browser and Opera, the only vendor missing was Apple Safari…).

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Mar 23 2016


Why XDomain ?

Cross-Site request (request for resources located on a different domain than the source of the request) initiated by a JavaScript are restricted for security reason. The W3C has produced a recommendation for the Cross-Site Resource Sharing (CORS), this specification uses XMLHttpRequest for the API Request and supply to the web server an access for the cross-site and so provide a security transfer.

IE8 and IE9 does not support the XMLHttpRequest cross-site, Jaime Pillora has developed a solution called XDomain which work like a Javascript proxy for the API Request. The limit to this solution is that you needed access to the API to use (or it use already XDomain) and on the JavaScript application. An other solution is use directly XDomainRequest available on IE8 and IE9, the advantage to use XDomain is than you do not have to manage in your code call in XMLHttpRequest and XDomainRequest.

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